OpenTestCenter: Proposing an open source Test and Defect Management database

TRON: LEGACYI propose an open source test and defect management system called OpenTestCenter.

The following is an excerpt from the database documentation I provide on my github site linked above.

Plan our OpenTestCenter Database Solution

Our plan to build our OpenTestCenter data layer contains five steps, based in a by-and-large way on Ray Dalio’s management principles.

  1. Understand the purpose and function of our data layer. That is, understand that it will store our test and defect data, and all metadata (data about that data, such as status of bugs, owners of requirements, and how bugs are linked to the tests that found them.) All text above this line has contributed to that understanding. OK, done.
  2. Plan your time so that you can read through this guide and create the database with me. You could skip to the head of the class and just run the database build SQL file, but if you are lacking the conceptual framework that went into that file, you’ve taken your eye off of the real prize.
  3. Design a model for what good testing looks like. How do testers test well and how do they think about testing as software is delivered? We cover that in our next section.
  4. Build the design as an ER diagram and forward engineer the design into a MySQL database using MySQL Workbench.
  5. Manage ourselves to focus on our goal, delivering working software, and not getting too off-track on tangents.

If you’d like to review the alpha database guide, the pdf is available here:


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